The Haunted Manor

We’re so excited about this new project, it’s scary. This unique new format marks the first time we’re doing a live game show for kids. Think: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory meets The Addams Family… with a trip to Paris thrown into the mix.

Check out the first promo of the show below:


The show, produced by Allo Houston, focuses on a team of brave kids who enter the Haunted Manor and embark on a hair-raising adventure. This beautiful and terrifying mansion is home to an eclectic mix of characters including a mummy, a disheveled doll, twin maids, a wacky master chef and a Queen. Skeletons are literally in the closet at every turn.


The children visit four haunted rooms and try their best to secure the coveted moonstones, their only ticket out. Their goal is to escape the Haunted Manor through teamwork, determination and courage. They’ll need to conquer their fears, bon with their teammates and dare to dream up creative ways to escape. Trials and tribulations include, for example, one child blindfolded who must be guided through a maze using only his remaining senses and the guiding voices of his teammates. In the kitchen, the children will have to touch several ewwww gross unidentifiable substaces and figure out what they’re feeling. In the castle graveyard, they them need to assemble the pieces of a puzzle made of skulls and other eerie materials.



It’s just spooky enough so kids can have fun, but not get too scared. Unlike adult game shows, there is no fierce competition. No one is kicked out. The whole idea of the show is that the children learn to unite in order to achieve their goal. It’s also a great way for the kids to really go behind-the-scenes and see how the production process works – from make-up artists to costumes to elaborate set-building. The children are there to win, but most importantly, to learn and to have fun in the process. From conquering their fears of the dark, of heights, of monsters or spiders, the children test their limits as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime in search of the four moonstones. When they do succeed at the task at hand, the castle’s resident ghost urges them on with positive messages like “Great job kids! That was amazing!”


The production value is unparalleled thanks to the talent from the French film industry we work with directly on this project. We’ve partnered with the crème-de-la-crème od technicians, make-up artists and costume designers for this show. Our on- site production team is supervised by experts who have worked on leading game shows such as Koh Lanta, Fort Boyard and more.


Canal+ in France fell in love with the project and ordered 10×52’ episodes right away and the French version was picked up by French language partners including Ouf Tivi in Belgium and Yoopa in French Canada.


It’s been really nice for us at PGS to get to explore a different genre and reinvent the traditional production model with our own unique twist.

It’s our first live production as a company, marking an unprecedented partnership between experts in game show production and kids programming.



We’ve made the process as easy as possible. We’ve created a truly exclusive system whereby you can simply choose how many episodes you want to shoot, send over your actors* (*with one adult supervisor per child) and we’ll do the rest.

The show is filmed in a land far, far away… Actually, it’s shot in a “haunted,” beautifully-redecorated old castle on the outskirts of Paris. We chose this location specifically for its beauty and proximity to both Paris and major airports.

We’ll set up the castle for a 90-day period during the summer months.

We can shoot three episodes per day. The children are guided by earpieces from room to room. You can book your shooting dates online, come to Paris – don’t forget to enjoy Paris while you’re here! – then we’ll send you the finished materials in a week tops.picture1A PERSONALIZED PACKAGE

You can go full haunted house and commit to 20 episodes or simply make two or three for a Halloween special.

This makes for a great one-off event around Halloween time or, like our Belgian broadcaster, host a “pyjama party” where kids can come to watch episodes.

It’s really been a fantastic journey so far and we hope you’ll join us for more eerie adventures.

Don‘t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want to watch full episodes or discuss details. Email us if you dare….



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